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We care about our employees. That is what makes us different.

Of course we offer the basics. Just like many contractors, we offer great pay and benefits, generous PTO, opportunities for advancement, an awesome team to work with, and outstanding customers to work for. So what makes Willis Mechanical different?

We really do care about our team:

There are just things that make us different. Every company has its own unique culture. Here are some points to help you understand who we are:

  • When the pandemic hit, most offices and businesses closed. Other contractors laid off or furloughed their teams, Willis Mechanical didn’t.  No one on our team got a pay cut or lost hours. In fact, we gave our entire field team a temporary $5/hr raise during the emergency lock down orders. We spent thousands of dollars on PPE, sanitizer, and supplies to help keep our team safe. We even bottled our own rubbing alcohol for distribution to our employees and customers.
  • Our field team is not expected to be high-pressure salespeople. It’s a team of professionals who are solving problems for our customers or preventing them. They are rewarded based on merit, technical performance, and customer satisfaction. Our technicians are not tasked to sell things to customers. In fact, everything involving money is handled by the office. The way it should be.
  • When our field team takes emergency jobs at night or on weekends, management knows where they are and calls them periodically. Our team members feel safe knowing that if something were to happen, we would be coming for them.

These are just a few examples to help you understand why we are different.

At Willis Mechanical, we understand that the success of the company depends on the success of our customers and our employees. Building our team with strong performers is the most important thing we can do to ensure success.


Check out our open positions below. Apply for a position and come see why we are different.

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