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3 Reasons You Should Be On a Preventative Maintenance Plan for Your HVAC

3 Reasons You Should Be On a Preventative Maintenance Plan for Your HVAC

3 Reasons You Should Be On a Preventative Maintenance Plan for Your HVAC 150 150 Amy Gasca

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Being on a preventative maintenance plan with a HVAC contractor will save you the headache of wondering the status of your HVAC unit. Although you may not directly encounter your unit everyday, you do reap the benefits of it every second you are in your building. Whether you are accommodating guests, housing employees, or maintaining a climate for your business operations, your HVAC system is essential in your daily operations. So instead of waiting for something to happen to your unit, consider hiring a HVAC contractor and getting on a preventative maintenance plan. Here are 3 reasons to weigh in to your decision:
1. Longer Life Span
Neglected equipment has to over compensate in order to do its job. Over time, your equipment will begin to show signs of exhaustion and you will be forced to pay for repairs and replacements. Instead of spending money on these potentially frequent and costly repairs, invest in a Preventive Maintenance plan. This will extend the life span of your machine by as much as 5 years and reduces the chance of reactive repairs.
Typically, your contractor will service your unit before each coming season. The good thing is PM plans can be tailored to correctly satisfy your needs. We have some clients that have us coming every day or every week, while we have some clients who only need us once a year.
2. Lower Energy Bill
HVAC functions are the one of the largest components of your energy bill. As mentioned before, neglected equipment must work harder to do its job. If your energy bill is unnecessarily high, neglect of your hvac system may be the one to blame. With preventative maintenance, your systems will be running at peak performance. With your components running as efficiently as possible, this will translate into lower energy bills.
3. Improve Air Quality
There are countless studies that demonstrate the effect air quality has on employee performance. Poor air quality, and even the perception of poor air quality, can hinder the productivity of employees. Being too cold or too hot, too drafty or stuffy, and even odors can make an office uncomfortable. A PM plan can minimize the effects of these things through maintaining a stable environment. Not to mention if you are in the business of accommodation, like a spa or hotel, air quality is vital for your business operations. A PM plan is an effective way to avoid surprises and keep units working in order for you to operate your business.
BONUS:  Value Added Benefits
Because good maintenance reduces the amount of breakdowns, some contractors may offer preventive maintenance clients some value with features like response time guarantees. Talk with your mechanical contractor and see what they can do for you.
Once you have decided that a preventative maintenance plan for your commercial HVAC is a good fit for you and your needs, be sure to get in contact with a HVAC contractor to decide what is best for you. A certified tech will be able to answer your questions regarding how often you need maintenance and what your units exactly need. 


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