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Duct Issues and How they Affect Your HVAC Unit

Duct Issues and How they Affect Your HVAC Unit

Duct Issues and How they Affect Your HVAC Unit 150 150 Amy Gasca

Duct Issues and How They Affect Your HVAC Systems

You are having problems with air quality in your building. Noise, improper cooling, and stale air are all caused by duct issues. Ducts are responsible for delivering and moving air throughout your building. Here are some signs of duct issues:

Uneven heating and cooling

While some rooms in your building are at the perfect temperature, you may notice that other rooms do not have this same luxury. Holes along your duct system are the culprit to uneven temperatures.

Unpleasant smells

Moisture that builds up in your ducts can grow nasty molds and mildews that can cause odors to travel into your building. Ducts that are dirty from buildup from rodents and other pests can also contribute to this issue.

Restricted airflow

Clogged and dirty ducts trap cool air in and prevent it from reaching your building space. Leaky ducts also do not allow air to travel properly. Not only will you not feel cool air blowing out your vents, you may notice the air to be stuffy. Clogged ducts will make it hard for you to be able to enjoy cool and fresh air that your HVAC unit is supposed to be delivering.


Cracks and opening along the duct work of your HVAC system can lead to annoying noises in your building. Older buildings are especially susceptible to whistling noises as the duct work is older and has developed leaks throughout the years.

Frequent Filter Replacement

Filters that clog frequently are more than likely due to ducts that are full of debris. Clogged filters can lead to poor temperature and air quality, so its important to tackle the real issue underlying in the duct system rather than simply replacing your filters on a frequent basis. This can become costly when your fix could be a simple duct cleaning.

Thankfully, there are several things you can do to get your duct issues taken care of. Start off with an inspection done by a trusted commercial HVAC contractor. A thorough cleaning is a sure way to eliminate some problems you may be facing. Reparation of any leaks will fix airflow issues and noises. A revaluation of your duct design may also help with any issues as well. Removing longer tracts and sharp bends can help your system better deliver air to your building.

To get started in tackling your duct issues, be sure to get into contact with a trusted HVAC service provider. They will be able to identify any needs you have and get your system on the right track.


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