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Restaurants: the Importance of Your HVAC System

Restaurants: the Importance of Your HVAC System

Restaurants: the Importance of Your HVAC System 150 150 Amy Gasca

Restaurants: The Importance of Your HVAC System

A restaurant has more than just the job of feeding people. It’s a place that people meet for business meetings and events, for a specific ambiance, and for giving people a job. The temperature and climate of a restaurant has to be pleasant for someone to want to return. If a restaurant has its clients shivering throughout their meal or they can smell the fish being fried in the kitchen, it’ll make them think twice about coming back. Or if a cook is unhappy with the air quality in the back, they may seek a different job with better working conditions. An HVAC system can easily make or break the experience someone has at your restaurant. Keep these things in mind while accessing your HVAC and its needs:
Yelp can be your best friend or worst enemy. While someone may praise your spaghetti and meatballs, they may say they won’t be back because of how hot and musty it was inside. If your system is known to be faulty and inconsistent with producing the correct climate, do not let this cost you customers. Stay on top of your HVAC and make sure it provides consistent temperatures to your dining space. If you do not have the proper ventilation, unwanted smells will travel around your restaurant. No one wants to smell pork being roasted while they are trying to enjoy their chocolate cake for dessert. Do not let your HVAC issues be the reason people do not return to your restaurant.
Not only does the HVAC effect a diner’s experience, but it effects employees’ performance too. A restaurant that is too hot and humid is guaranteed to slow worker productivity. No one wants to carry heavy hot plates around a hot restaurant. On the other hand, it is also important that the kitchen is meeting ventilation requirements. Air quality is vital in order to provide a healthy work space for employees. An unhealthy work place can lead to disgruntled employees and even lead to a law suit if they become sick from the improper care of the air quality. Stay on top of maintain exhaust hoods and other components to keep air flowing.
To avoid any problems caused by an unsatisfactory HVAC, talk to an HVAC service provider about getting on a maintenance schedule. Being on top of any issues you may face will help you avoid breakdowns, keep the environment up to standards, and keep customers coming back.


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