How long will an HVAC last?

To answer the question with a simple answer, experts would say 10-15 years. But, many factors can play into this. Whether you’re on the fence about replacing your HVAC or if you want to know how long your recent investment is good for, consider these things:

1.       Age

If your unit is past its 20-year mark, stop what you’re doing and find a HVAC contractor ASAP. It is more than likely that your HVAC is past its days and it’s time to upgrade. If you just purchased a unit, your unit can last you for up to 20 years given it is properly maintained with a preventative maintenance plan and other measures.

2.       Service and Repair History

Repairs and service play a huge role in an HVAC’s life expectancy. It is without a doubt that a preventative maintenance plan will prolong the life of your unit. Whether it’s done quarterly or annually, a PM plan will reassure that your unit is running smoothly throughout the year. If you do not prioritize taking care of your system, be assured that you will pay the consequences with frequent repairs and a shorten life span of your equipment. If your current system is not already on a PM plan and it’s not too late into its life cycle, be sure to get into contact with a trusted commercial HVAC contractor and set up a plan. It is common ruling to replace your system if repairs exceed 50% of the cost of a new system.

life exp. graph

3.       Quality

Be sure that not only your unit is of good quality, but that your installation process is adequately done. Installation has just as an important role in your unit’s life expectancy as maintenance. Was your unit not installed by a professional? If you are not sure, contact an HVAC tech to come take a look at your current system to check if everything is up to par. Haphazard installation can affect your unit’s life span, so always hire a professional.

Keeping all things considered, a typical life expectancy for an HVAC can be efficiently utilized for 20 years if you properly maintain it. Do not expect a neglected system to function efficiently without costing you more than 10-15 years. Again, with proper care, your system and your investment in it can turn out to be good for 20 years. Be sure to contact a HVAC contractor to answer any questions about your unit’s life expectancy and how to efficiently prolong it.

Quick Tip: ASHRAE has a Service Life Database that you can check out to get information on the service life of all major component of an HVAC.