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Choosing the Right Sized HVAC Unit for Your Building

Choosing the Right Sized HVAC Unit for Your Building

Choosing the Right Sized HVAC Unit for Your Building 150 150 Amy Gasca

When it comes to choosing the correct HVAC unit for your building, there are multiple things you should consider. Size matters, and there is such thing as too big. Taking the time to calculate what size unit your building needs is important to get your needs satisfied effectively and can even save you money in the long run.

A unit that is too small will be not be able to condition your building properly and break down faster, while a unit that is too large will waste energy and cost you more in energy bills.

Comfort, energy usage, and expenses are the three main factors effected by your unit’s size. The perfect sized system will comfortably manage temperatures at peak efficiency at the lowest cost. To accurately choose a system for you, a HVAC contractor can do a commercial load calculation to help you.

So, what goes into consideration when determining the perfect size?

Square footage is the most obvious factor considered when determining the size unit you need. A 900 square foot open concept office suite is not going to need a 5 ton unit, and a massive 2000 square foot warehouse is going to need more than a 3 ton unit to proper regulate the temperature. Climate also plays a role in which size unit you’d need. A hot, humid climate is going to require a system that can efficiently remove heat and humidity. A system that is too small will underperform, and an oversized system will short cycle.

The construction of the building also plays a factor in your decision. Is your building made out of concrete, brick, or wood? A concrete building will require __________________________, while a wood building is going to need ______________________________________. Insulation also something you should consider. A poorly insulated building is going to need a system large enough to sustain its temperatures.

The amount of sun exposure your building gets is also important to take into account. If a building is exposed to the suns rays and never gets any shade, it’s going to require more cooling. A shaded building is going to remain cooler


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