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HVAC Budgeting: How to Maintain Your Budget

HVAC Budgeting: How to Maintain Your Budget

HVAC Budgeting: How to Maintain Your Budget 150 150 Amy Gasca

Budgeting: How to Maintain Your HVAC System Budget

As a facilities manager, it is your job to take care of the maintenance around your building and keep everything running while not going over budget.
An HVAC system can easily call for unplanned repairs and maintenance that you have already addressed in your budget, but here are some ways to keep these unpredictable costs at bay:
A routine preventative maintenance plan will be a life saver when it comes to maintaining a budget. Once you sign a contract with an HVAC contractor that you trust, you can expect and plan out services and repairs your system will need. Keeping your system maintained will help reduce the need for unexpected repairs and replacements at a minimum. A PM plan can avoid major blunders that can put you well over budget. Here’s what a typical PM plan may include:
Condenser coil cleaning:
If condenser coils are neglected and not cleaned from dirt and grime build up, they will not be able to properly release heat and cause your system to overheat and your compressor will break down. This is a costly expense you do not want to be surprised with. A PM plan will usually include an annual cleaning of your condenser coils.
Low refrigerant levels are a sure sign of a leak. This will lead to your space being not being cooled efficiently and in turn lead to your system overexerting to overcompensate. Instead of doing the easy fix of recharging your system, a PM plan will be helpful in repairing and preventing the unnecessary costs of recharging your system.
Filter Replacements:
It is important to stay on top of replacing filters to ensure proper filtration and to keep your unit working efficiently. A PM plan will take care of this for you so you can go ahead and include this in your PM plan budget.
Besides a PM plan, keep in mind that planning ahead for replacing parts can help maintain your budget. If you can recognize beforehand that certain equipment will need to replaced soon, you can avoid the unexpected expense in the long run.
Above all, make sure to choose a trusted HVAC contractor to help you maintain your budget. Choose a contractor that will help you decide on a PM plan that will meet your needs and also keep you within budget.


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